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Juniper Community Solutions is dedicated to helping communities, businesses, non-profits and First Nations explore the social, economic and environmental options they need to promote happy, healthy and livable communities. Communities where people can afford to live and raise families, where diversity is respected, where no part of society is left behind. JCS can help you navigate government, find unique solutions and take you through the process from concept to delivery.

Today, society stands at the crossroads of transition. More communities are looking to explore and develop the social, economic and environmental resilience they need to withstand the coming change. Now is the time to manage that transition. Together, we can develop the communities that people, families and businesses want to live, work and play in for generations to come.


  • Exploration of your situation
  • Discussion of possible solutions
  • Development of a strategy best suited for you
  • Business Plans, Cases, Policies, Briefing Notes and Program Development Services

Exploring your social, environmental and economic options to increase your community resiliency.

Relationship Building:

  • Find community and regional partners with whom you can build meaningful relationships.
  • Build up your community networks to create your own resiliency and add to theirs.
  • Develop solid lines of communications with resources in your community.

JCS can help you pinpoint and build those specific community relationships that will add dimension and depth to your organization.

Project Management:

  • From theory to implementation, JCS can develop a customized strategy for you.
  • Sound management strategies mean your project is operationalized as planned.
  • Ongoing consultation and progress reports.
  • On time and on budget

From concept to delivery and evaluation, we can help you put your policies and programs into action.

Strategic Communications:

  • Short and long term strategic plans and key messaging
  • Social media, news releases, articles, brochures, web structure and content
  • Video production from concept to structure to delivery

Get the right message to the right people at the right time. Smart communications ensure affordable and timely messaging.


  • Get your story out there to the right audience
  • Targeted strategies
  • Outside the box thinking

Professional marketing helps spread the word and reach the right demographic groups.


  • Access to all the latest government policies
  • History surrounding your pertinent issues
  • Expertise in researching and gathering information

JCS can find reliable sources and accumulate the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

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Consultation • Project Management • Communications • Marketing



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